An unadulterated passion to bring forth inventive technologies that revolutionize the ways of business- it is what led to the formation of ACCRUON TECHNOLOGIES. Founded originally in the heart of Kochi, Kerala, Accruon now has spread its wings internationally, becoming one of the most formidable names among the software companies in USA We at Accruon strive to introduce the unending possibilities efficient technologies can bring to the table for businesses either in their budding stages or prime. Effectively implementing the most recent technology that precisely caters to the exact requirement of business is our success mantra. Accruon’s solutions are designed in a cost-effective, simple and user-friendly manner. Started as a software solution provider, our prowess has been extended to the realms of Finance, Management and Legal field. With the amassed experience of 20 years in the international business sector . OUR SERVICES

 Best Software companies in USA

Accruon Technologies has earned its name as one of the top IT companies in USA. We provide individually customized and designed software that are par excellence to international standards. What makes us stand out from other Software Development Companies in USA is our preparedness in acing the clientele requirements to the tiniest detail and devising the absolute best tech remedy each time. It is important these days for businesses to come up with websites that observe trade and marketing successfully with no room for errors. Such platforms need to be user-friendly and captivating to the eyes of the users. Software that functions impressively works wonders in capitalizing even a start-up and ends up increasing their ROI (Return of Investment) eventually. We put into practice various tools and techniques that are up-to-date to deliver state-of-the-art tech solutions. We boast the presence of a massive team of web developers whose sheer dedication results in excellent software products meeting client needs beyond measure with standard QA practices. Efforts and assistance from our end are purely for the nod of approval from our clients and that is what we thrive for as the most sought-after software development company in USA Accruon’s Software Development wing involves:
  • Gathering requirements from the client’s side
  • Choosing tools and frameworks best for the requirements
  • Choosing apt methods
  • Building an architecture
  • Building a design for the software
  • Fixing bugs
  • Building a software model
  • Delivering the software on time
Types of Software
  • System Software
These are built to streamline the resources of the system, operating system, disk management, memory supervision, process management, hardware management, security, etc.
  • Programming Software
An array of programs aiding the programmers to build, to debug and maintain other programs and applications.
  • Application Software
Built to meet the requirements of the user to achieve defined tasks like MS Office , Data Management Software, media players etc.


E-Commerce Development Company in  USA

  Accruon Technologies is known to be one of the most excellent E-Commerce Development Company in  USA. E-commerce platforms play a crucial role in deciding the fate of a company these days. Accruon’s dexterous web development team prioritizes building websites that are flexible and alive to inculcate all the e-commerce requirements demanded by the customers. Our team of experts is comprised of web designers and developers who are amply experienced and up-to-date with the new trends in e-commerce applications and marketing. We implement the best that suits the purpose in a way that gives you an advantage in the competitive spectrum of ecom. The websites and applications we build promise a complete and smooth-sailing shopping experience like never before. They are effortless to use, performance-oriented and designed in such a way that attracts buyers easily with innovative features and presentation. A committed and far-sighted entrepreneur always endeavours to put their best foot forward when it comes to showcasing their products to the world of e-commerce marketing and rightly so, for it is the right e-commerce platform that oftentimes moves mountains in business. What Accruon- besr E-Commerce Development Company in  USA has come up with over these years are e-commerce products with enhanced options, images, product details etc. that made businesses, be it start-ups or mid-sized or bigger companies, all across US rise to success. Accruon- one of the best IT companies in  USA has successfully elevated the shopping practices and we are taking it to the next level with advanced domain skills in creating superior e-commerce apps with greater flexibility and user-friendliness. Accruon’s E-commerce involves advantages as follow:
  • Cost-effective ads and marketing
  • Product and inventory management
  • Taxation in simpler means
  • Round-the-clock services
  • Starting and managing businesses are made easy
  • Shipment is automized
  • Bookings and customers management
  • Quick response

Digital Marketing Services in USA

      Accruon is home to the finest Digital Marketing Services in USA What makes Accruon’s team special and innovative is their adaptability to embrace the latest trends in Digital Marketing and ability to build products that conform to the client’s needs, in a timely fashion. Getting your business is only the bare minimum you can do. Your goal is to help your products/services to find as many target customers as they can, and it takes the brainstorming of a first-rate team of digital marketers to achieve this. Accruon possesses a bunch of vibrant and innovative professionals on our end who employ tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Creative Content, Social Media Marketing, etc to help you realize this goal. The approach we work out to get your business the right traffic on the right platform includes the most recent, tried and tested Digital Marketing strategies and ideas. Digital Marketing campaigns, pay-per-click marketing and social media marketing are some of the strong suits of Accruon Technologies. We are aware of the influence these tactics, especially social media marketing, can potentially deliver on the overall business. The SEO techniques we have skilfully formulated help the clients reach literally on top of the list. If your customer is thinking of buying a product that you sell, we make sure it is your company that will pop up on their screens. Accruon-Digital marketing company in USA promises you the target customers in the platform of your preference! Some of the features of the best digital marketing company in USA
  • 100% customer loyalty

  • International digital marketing

  • Customer engagement is enhanced

  • Diversity in content

  • Simple for businesses

  • Worldwide and regional access

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