How to add a custom WordPress theme



August 4, 2022

How to add a custom WordPress theme

How to install a custom WordPress Theme is a common inquiry whether it is your own custom theme or use any third-party theme.

WordPress is open-source blogging software and you can download it from infrastructure does not allow uploading custom themes. If you are developed the website on, then you can’t use any third-party themes. is mainly for self-hosted websites. You can export and transfer your blog to a web host like HostDime. HostDime supports PHP and allows editing and uploading custom themes. You can download WordPress via Softaculous, it comes free with a HostDime account. One of the main places to buy themes is Theme Forest. It is the biggest marketplace consisting of 10000 themes. You can download the theme as per your interest and once you purchased a theme, it will be downloaded to your computer.

Please follow the below steps for adding a custom WordPress theme.

  • Install a Custom WordPress Theme Through Administration Panel

This is the easiest way to upload and install a custom theme. First, log into your WordPress account, then find appearance on the left sidebar and select themes. Then click install a theme. Click the upload button and you get the zip file. Then you want to extract the file. Extract the zip file consisting of files, plugins, and other documents. It is the easiest uploading process. But not guarantee for working or not.

  • Install a Custom WordPress Theme Through FTP

You can extract the zip file into your computer. Use an FTP client named FileZilla for Windows and Cyberduck(Mac) to access your web server. First, create a directory to contain the theme in the wp-content/themes location. If your theme is named “cool”, then the theme appears in wp-content/themes/cool. You can upload the theme files to this newly created directory. Log in to administration in WordPress. Then go to appearance and theme select themes. The available themes appear on the images themes tab. Click the activate link to use that theme.

  • Installing a Custom WordPress Theme Via cPanel

Firstly make sure the theme files are in zip format or gz format. In the CPanel file manager head to the themes folder. The WordPress is installed in the root folder, then go to public_html/wp-content/themes. The WordPress is installed in a sub-folder WordPress, go to public_html/WordPress/wp-content/themes. Click upload file to install the zip file in the themes folder.. You should highlight the name of the file in CPanel. On the right panel click the extract file contents to extract zip files. Login into the WordPress administration panel and go to appearance and then select themes. select the themes from manages themes tab and activate the theme.

If you are still having any trouble with the installation of the theme, then the theme may be outdated or not functioning properly.


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